You Don’t Need to Blog About Everything. Seriously. Stop.

One of the tell-tale signs of a non-focused, newbie blogger is that they decide to blog about everything, instead of blogging about the few things that make that blogger standout and unique and make them a leader with a point instead of a busy blogger with no point.

In addition, not everything is applicable to blogging directly and you shouldn’t try to force a “lesson” or “takeaway” from some experience into blogging all the time – I’m tired of seeing blog post titles that really stretch that relationship, like:

  • 10 Ways How Blogging is Like Eating Candy!
  • 100 Reasons Why Painting by Color is Like Blogging!
  • Why You Should Always Blog Like You Drive Your Car!
  • How Your Shoe Size Equals the Number of Categories on Your Blog!

Wait, wah?! Really? Shoe size equals # of categories? … … … … I had no idea…!

The point is that not everything is blog-able or should be on your blog – you need to focus, focus, focus your content and make sure you really don’t stray as much as you possibly can.

And believe me, I struggle with this as much as you do and I know what it’s like – you’re sitting in front of your computer, committed to writing and publishing today and nothing is firing, nothing is working out, and you’re not coming up with anything.

You’re frustrated, you’re depressed, you’re angry, and you feel tempted to make a loose correlation between your blog content and some inane object – don’t do it! Just relax and know that you’re not alone and that it’s not worth it to break your content’s stride.

Stand up, take a break, and it’s totally ok if you don’t publish today. Seriously. It’s ok. Trust me. It’s ok.

[Image via Creative Commons, sbh.]