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    The critters that teach us what it means to be human.

    • AnimalsFive Thanksgiving foods that are not safe for cats and dogsHold the turkey skin and fatty gravy—your pet will thank you later.By Kate BaggaleyNovember 26, 2019
    • AnimalsNew legislation makes animal abuse a felonyFor at least some forms of animal cruelty. By Grace Wade
    • AnimalsWhy turkeys circle dead things—the creepy vigil, explainedGobble, gobble, toil and troubleBy Rachel Feltman
    • AnimalsWhen you give octopus MDMA they hug it outOctopods are more social than they may seem.By Alex Schwartz


    AnimalsAn unlucky, ancient beetle shows how flowers first blossomed AnimalsVultures are going extinct because people won’t stop consuming their brainsDiyThe best way to deal with 30 to 50 feral hogs in your yardAnimalsWhat looks like a deer, is the size of a rabbit, and was just photographed for the first time in decades?AnimalsArctic critters are sneezing on each other like never before ScienceFemale vampire bats regurgitate bloody dinners for their starving girlfriendsAsk Us AnythingWhy are crows and ravens such jerks?ScienceScientists helped a horde of cannibal ants escape from a Soviet nuclear bunkerAnimalsHorseshoe crab blood is rare but crucial for medicine, so this scientist came up with a solution

    Animal Behavior

    • •Why turkeys circle dead things—the creepy vigil, explained
    • •How to stay safe around moose
    • •These ancient trilobites are forever frozen in a conga line
    • •Despite appearances, your cat does love you
    • •The best wildlife photos of the year remind us that nature is amazing—and brutal
    • •A dinosaur egg bonanza is helping ecologists understand prehistoric parenting

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    HealthNo, turkey doesn’t make you sleepyEnvironmentYour guide to a Thanksgiving dinner without food wasteScienceA recent study reinforces the idea that music is universalEnvironmentWe can still slash emissions and survive climate change, but we’re running out of time

    • ScienceThese ancient trilobites are forever frozen in a conga lineBy Kat Eschner
    • AnimalsDoes Death Valley have a wild ass problem?

      By Asher Elbein/Undark

    • EnvironmentThe most astonishing wildlife photos of 2019 range from meme-able to politicalBy Jess Romeo
    • ScienceWill hotter temperatures make infections more common?By Eleanor Cummins



    Here’s what you should do if you ever happen to encounter an extinct animal in the wild. Wait, what?


    Hurricane Harvey ultimately dumped around 27 trillion gallons of rain on Texas and Louisiana. Where will it all go?

    • AnimalsWhere do you park when you dive thousands of feet into the ocean?By Rachel Nuwer
    • AnimalsFive reasons to celebrate Colobus DayBy Dan Nosowitz
    • GadgetsPick the right pair of binoculars for your viewing needsBy Stan Horaczek
    • AnimalsThese octopuses are so warty, they almost got mistaken for a new speciesBy Sara Kiley Watson