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  • A chicken’s dream of going to college and the obstacles she had to face.

  • This book helps remind kids that through every day actions of being kind, helpful and thoughtful, they have the “powers” to be a Super Hero.

  • Inspiring true story about a little girl who conquers Celiac Disease, encouraging others to embrace who they are and battle the evil forces of Gluten and Cross Contamination so they can become Celiac superheroes just like her.

  • This story compares growing up on a turkey farm and later being a school principal. It’s a good reminder about how we should treat others.

  • This book is for children who may suffer from low self-esteem, behavior issues, and those who always feel discouraged. Sometimes all people need is ENCOURAGEMENT! Parents/teachers, be sure to always encourage your children/students, and tell them that if they work hard and have faith in themselves, they can accomplish great things in life. Take the time to ENCOURAGE someone today!

  • Modern day faith stories about Passover, Feasts, and First Fruits.

  • A duck realizes how much life is clearer (and safer) after he gets glasses from the eye doctor.

  • Little Dove, a white filly, must learn to “fly high” on her own.

  • This is a story about a young girl, by a young girl, to inspire a world of young girls.

  • A story that shows the importance of being yourself through an adventurous day with Katy the Near-sighted Kangaroo.

  • Kno Bahdee sets out on a journey to meet new friends and learns she is valuable and special in the process.


  • Inspiring true story about a little girl who conquers Celiac Disease, encouraging others to embrace who they are and battle the evil forces of Gluten and Cross Contamination so they can become Celiac superheroes just like her.

  • This is a collection of dog jokes that will tickle your funny bone.

  • A chicken’s dream of going to college and the obstacles she had to face.

  • Animal awareness, character building, responsibility & community involvement is what “Shelter Souls” is all about. Everyone deserves a loving home! Let’s all do our part to help. 🙂

  • A Christmas parable that reminds us that although we may be different from others, we each have been given special gifts that will bring joy to us and others as we share them.

  • Written for my young daughter (my 1st ever go at writing down a story!). I wanted the story to have the message of ‘change is OK’ as everyone experience changes as we grow.

  • This is a story of overcoming bullies with teamwork and assertiveness. Though you may be afraid at first if you just stand up for yourself you will run evil away.

  • A chance encounter prompts Matthew, a friend of Charles, to telephone and guide Charles to page twelve of the day’s newspaper. The newspaper has issued a challenge in the form of a mathematics competition. Investigating further, Charles learns that the mathematics competition is based on an obscure branch of mathematics. Speculation and intrigue abound as Charles employs his formidable skills with numbers. A most delightful, albeit swot territory romp, 1930s 1:12 scale.

  • Chocolate-loving “Puggy” gets into mischief following his owner Neil Armstrong to work, and sneaking into the rocket that takes him all the way to the moon!

  • This book is for children dealing with fear. Do not allow fear to stop you from doing great things in life and making right decisions. We must teach children to be bold and to have courage when dealing with fear.

  • This book is for ENG101 at Illinois State University, breaking the genre of children’s books.

  • The tiny, multi-colored bean-shaped bears of Beandom are under attack by a monster. Even the King’s wisest advisors seem unable find a solution. Who will save Beandom? Can an ordinary tiny bear step forward with a plan that works? The message of the story is: Follow your convictions even when others think differently.

  • Any day can be an adventure!

  • An unforgettable story which shows that strength of will is above everything else.

  • Even children deal with jealousy. We must teach children to never allow jealousy to destroy friendship. Jealousy is a bad feeling, and there is no need to be jealous of anyone. Parents and teachers, please teach your children or students the value of true friendship.

  • A story about competitors who learn to be friends and teammates.

  • This short story is about a little boy befriending a classmate with Autism. This books encourages kindness, acceptance and awareness.

  • My family loves to read together.

  • An easy to read young children’s storybook about embracing two different Asian cultures (Korean and Taiwanese). Bilingual English, Korean and Mandarin. Introduces different Asian foods like noodles in black bean sauce, soup dumplings, kimchi and more! Fun to read and enjoy for all!(Age: birth-preschool to elementary school age children)

  • A change in circumstances has brought Bubbles the rabbit to school. Although he enjoys being a classroom pet, he often wishes for a home of his very own.

    This is based on a true story.

  • Hope’s Magic Sparkles is our second book in our Hope the Optimist Bear collection. Our first book was published last spring called Hope the Optimist Bear. This is our second book and bear we will be delivering to local hospitals for pediatric patients. The main character in this years book “Christopher” was based on a little boy who actually received last years Hope the Optimist Bear book and Hope Bear. Please know it was made with love and our students are always so proud to see that their hard work will touch the lives of so many sick children.

  • A bedtime story about the animals at the zoo after the sun starts to set. The rhyme was written by an expectant father for his unborn baby daughter.

  • A zebra and a giraffe are best friends but they are showing off to each other because one can do something that the other can’t. Then they remember that they are two different animals and they can both do things that the other can’t and they put all there differences behind and become best friends all over again

  • Many of the holidays throughout the year bring out the very best in each and every one of us. For one day love can be so powerful that we smile until we all meet again. Smile

  • A classical style fairy tale full of romance and triumph of good over evil.

  • Hope the Optimist Bear was created by the Junior Optimist Organization. It is a bear we deliver to local hospitals with a story book written about her. We do a school wide competition for a story about Hope. This story is to help the children in the hospital feel better and leaves them with a snuggly friend for the rest of their stay and beyond.

  • This story is about a little caterpillar’s journey to discover what it is and what it does. Join us to find out about the butterfly life cycle and to meet some other mini-beasts along the way!

  • He runs with animals in the forest, pilots an airplane, and rides a wild horse. This extraordinary little boy does not know that he is growing up to be a superhero.

  • A lonely Elephant finds confidence within by meeting new friends !

  • About a girl who gets wings.

  • A sweeter version of “Hansel and Gretel”.

  • Cleopatra finds a magic flute that whisks her to the land of fairy tales! She has to get home soon or she might run out of time.

  • Kno Bahdee sets out on a journey to meet new friends and learns she is valuable and special in the process.

  • A fun message to adults told from a child’s perspective.

  • Autumn the eggplant learns how important it is to be truly individual.

  • An ABC book covering a wide range of sports, from A to Z!

  • How a lonely dog named “Highway” finds a safe,loving home. (Based on a true story)

  • With a roll and a bounce this wind blown pumpkin takes an unexpected journey.

  • Can a dinosaur trust a magic clover? Read and find out…

  • Doofy does not want to be a hippo any longer. Does he change or accept himself? Maybe both.

  • A girl named Sammie who goes through challenges to accomplish her dreams.

  • A ferocious dragon guards a precious crystal until some heroic scientists befriend him and go on a journey to bring the crystal home.

  • A brave, smart, and wonderful Indian Princess and the greatest horse of all time.

  • A young boy with down syndrome teaches other kids that no matter how different someone seems, there will always be things that make you alike.

  • Ancient tale of a girl raised by wolves.

  • Tackling stereotypes – can girls play baseball?

  • Conserving energy each day can save a lot of money over time!

  • A little tiger who finds out what true happiness is about.

  • Can the separation of powers in Santa’s workshop improve the quality of the Naughty and Nice List?

  • A children’s book about treating others well.

  • Bullying can work against you in the long run.

  • A funny twist on how pigs came to get their cute little curly tails.

  • You may not realize the value of something until you have lost it.

  • A daughter is looking for the best gift for mom.

  • Oscar is having trouble finding out what he wants to be for career day in his kindergarten class. What do you think Oscar will decide?

  • My name is Amy, I wrote this book as part of a project for
    my Masters Degree at The University of Saint Joseph.
    I currently reside in Farmington, CT with my boyfriend,
    Mark and our Labradoodle, Lucy. We look forward to moving
    to Colorado upon completion of my program in 2015!

  • A bear and a bunny discover relationships can have their ups and downs.

    Background: I had started this book as a first year anniversary gift for my girlfriend but as the story suggest we had complications in our relationship and ended up separating. I decided to finish the story and give it to her for Valentine’s Day. She loved it and now we’re back together and stronger than ever. Writing this book really helped me not only to express to my bunny how much she meant to me but also to look at our relationship from a third person point of view. Thank you Story Jumper for publicizing my book and thank you to all the people who have taken the time to read It.

  • A cat and two clever mice.

  • Can unicorns and dragons play together? Maybe if they use their imagination.

  • A joyful story by a teacher for teachers.

  • Starting kindergarten can be a confusing change, but others can help you make the transition.

  • Adventures of the Horgan, half dragon and half snake.

  • When Mayor Cherry is in need of a birthday cake, two bakers have to battle it out for the title of Best Baker in Fruity Ville and the honor of baking the mayor’s birthday treat.

  • Organic Girl and Earth Defender take on The Evil M and GMOs, but they need your help!

  • A little birdhouse is sitting on a branch, waiting for a bird to come and live in it.

  • A dog writes in his diary about a new addition to the household….a cat.

  • Sharing can be fun once it is discovered as Sam finds out in this story about discovering the ability to share!

  • It’s more fun with friends when everyone shares.

  • Even beautiful clouds have to weather the storm clouds of life.

  • Cheating at sports will only make things worse in the end.

  • How will a new baby sister impact the family?

  • Sometimes we just need some time and the right environment to develop into our true selves.

  • A beginner’s book about Burma.

  • I hope you like my book. Let’s accept others even if we are different colors.

  • A little girl who really want to big and do things that grown-ups do.

  • Learning to go to sleep by yourself in your own room.

  • A princess discovers science around her.

  • This wordless picture book is a great book for parents with young children to explore together. After reading the book, take a walk around your neighborhood and see how many faces you can find hiding on the sidewalks.

  • Follow Logan and Lucy in this fun, easy-to-read picture book on kindness. It was viewed by the 2nd graders at CCDS, and enjoyed for it’s simplicity, while allowing children to relate to several aspects of the story.

    Recommended age group: 5-8 years

    Ask the reader if they have done something kind for someone today, and if so, what? Also encourage them to read the story to you and point out the hidden ladybug.

    This is my first book, and I basically just experimented with the features StoryJumper has to offer. I decided to keep it short, but better stories are yet to come! Constructive criticism welcome 🙂

  • A charming story about a fish and a boy who is afraid of water.

  • For all the people who were ever victims of discrimination, racism, and slavery.

  • A story of sea animals and their discovery of probability.

  • The adventures of Babba the panda, who has lived a very sheltered life until a genie appears and challenges him to swim across the ocean. Can he do it? Or will he forever remain on his little island?

  • A man who eats a magic bean and grows to become a giant who can no longer fit into his home.

  • A short fish tale on helping others and protecting the environment featuring Iridis, the Longfin Anthias (Pseudanthias ventralis ventralis).

    The Longfin Anthias is also known as Ventralis Anthias, Rainbow Fairy Basslet, and the Rainbow Fairy Anthias. It is a bony tropical reef fish that lives in the South Pacific from the Great Barrier Reef to Hawaii.

  • A story about friendship despite differences

  • A lady who encounters problems with her dog because she does not how to use suffixes and prefixes.

  • What happens to food after it is swallowed by a dog?

  • Political spectrum from a kid’s perspective. 8th grade history project. Covers the 9 main forms of government

  • A tiny alien with big dreams.

  • A young girl’s exploration of colors as told by working with her family in their garden.

  • Sharing can help you make more friends.

  • Reaching out to new friends, even when it seems weird to others.

  • Just say no to smoking. Not worth the peer pressure.

  • Being healthier is definitely worth it.

  • Who’s afraid of whom? Facing our fears can help us conquer them.

  • Adventures of a little girl and the tooth fairy.

  • A fun story about how BB and Oscar became friends and discovered inner talents.

  • Making multiplication easier to understand.

  • Appreciating how much your family loves you.

  • Learning to accept oneself and dealing with peer pressure.

  • Bearzilla is a mean lonely animal. Will he be willing to change his attitude in order to make friends?

  • overcoming fear of change and becoming something brand new.

  • Not being spoiled and doing your duties especially when no one is around.

  • This is a modern re-write of the classic tale “The Frog Prince”.

  • A retelling of “Snow White”.

  • Teach kids the alphabet with rhymes about vegetables!

  • A retelling of the classic tale of Jack and the Bean-Stalk with a kind young heroine named Jacqueline. After Jacqueline’s mother becomes ill, a chance encounter with a beggar leads her on a journey up the bean-stalk.

  • A Monkey and a Pineapple find a magic bottle, a genie… and three wishes! What will they wish for? Be careful…

  • A rat that get cornered by a cat and escapes by rearranging the letters in his name to change shapes.

  • Too much of a good thing may not be good.

  • A fun poem that teaches kids to think about over-consumption and recycling.

  • Counting from 1 to 10 in Spanish

  • The story of a nail that refuses to be hammered down. A tale of determination and perseverance against incredible odds.

  • A story about a young mockingbird that can’t find his voice. (a modern version of The Ugly Duckling)

  • A popular Japanese folktale about a boy, born from a peach, who helps the local villagers fight a menacing band of demons.

  • A counting book for young children.

  • A retelling of the classic Aesop’s Fable