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Shoppers break records as holiday season kicks off

On Thanksgiving Day alone, shoppers spent a record $4 billion online. Many people got up early — or never went to sleep — to take advantage of the Black Friday deals. Jo Ling Kent has a round-up of the day.

Nov. 29, 2019 / 11:44 PM UTC

Here’s where to get early holiday deals

165 million Americans are expected to shop between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but plenty of discounts have already started. Jo Ling Kent breaks down where you can start your shopping early.

Why your Christmas tree could cost more this year

Across the country, Americans hoping to buy a real Christmas tree may find prices are up 10 percent more than last year. The extra cost stems from a shortage of fully grown trees in top tree-producing states, after growers cut back during the recession 10 years ago.

Introducing the Cosmic Crisp, the big apple growers are banking on

A new type of apple is hitting shelves next month and the industry is hoping everyone will want to take a bite. The Cosmic Crisp took decades to develop and — with a multimillion dollar marketing campaign behind it — growers hope you’ll think it’s out of this world.