Bollywood Vs Hollywood – Revenue, Production, And Stars

Bollywood vs Hollywood, which is the real capital of the movie in the world? Hollywood is based in Los Angeles, California, USA. It is considered as the capital of not just movie but entertainment as a whole in the world. Thousands of blockbusters have been produced from Hollywood, grossing Trillions of dollars in revenue since 1912 when major motion-picture companies had set up production in or around Hollywood in Los Angeles.

Bollywood on the other hand is based in Bombay now Mumbai. However, unlike Hollywood, Bollywood does not exist as a physical place. It is just a colloquial name that has become generally accepted as the whole film industry in India, a name many believe make India film industry look like a poor cousin to Hollywood. Bollyw0od are known to churn out thousands of films every years, making Hollywood look like the actual poor distance cousin.

In this Bollywood vs Hollywood comparison, we are going to look at the revenue as well as production quality and see who is really winning. We want to see how much money the highest earning films in both industry have grossed over the years. This will help us determine who is the king in terms of revenue per film and overall worth of each of the film industry.

Bollywood Vs Hollywood – Revenue

Bollywood produce more movies and sell more than 4 billion movie tickets yearly almost twice more than the Hollywood. Bollywood movie production is a huge multi million dollar production and some of the highest costs recorded in a single film production is about $27 million dollars for the film titled Ra.One.

Hollywood too are known to be big spenders in film production. Pirates of the Caribbean is said to officially hold the record for the most expensive film ever made in Hollywood with a budget of $378.5 million, while The Hobbit Trilogy stands as the most expensive back-to-back film production with combined costs of $623 million after tax credits. This is almost twice more than the cost of annual film production in Bollywood.

Some couple of years back, Bollywood sold 3.6 billion tickets and recorded a total revenues (theater tickets, DVDs, television and so on.) of US$1.3 billion, whereas Hollywood in the same year sold 2.6 billion tickets and generated total revenues (again from all formats) of US$51 billion.

The Bollywood vs Hollywood comparison by some of the all times highest earning films in both industry | FunAlytics

Here it is clearly who the big guy is. In cost of production, Hollywood is clearly the leader with a very wide margin at that. And when it comes to revenue, Hollywood also leads the way with more than 500% in total revenue higher than that of the Bollywood.

Bollywood Vs Hollywood – Production

Bollywood movies averages three to four hours long, where in the United States movies average about two hours in length. Does this mean much time is spent in producing films in Bollywood than it is spent in Hollywood? Not really as we shall see later. Other features of an Indian made movie include intermission, songs and dances, and most likely $exual and violent scenes. But I don’t think Hollywood is anything better in this regard.

How difficult or time consuming it is to produce movies in both industry? Well, in Hollywood according to information available, a movie can take up to a year to finish and Hollywood stars can only work on two different film at a time, while in Bollywood, films takes about 30days to be completed and the movie stars can work sometimes in as much as 10 films at a time.

This may explain the reason why Hollywood movies are much more acceptable worldwide than the Bollywood films. It seems much more thorough work is put into Hollywood film productions than the Indian counterpart. The technology involved in Hollywood film productions is also more sophisticated than that of the Bollywood.

However, Indian Bollywood film is gaining more international recognition even in the USA market. Today, it is more common to hear of Indian made films being played in American and British theaters than it is to hear of American movies being played in Indian theaters. Fourteen million people go to the movies in India on a daily basis, which is much more than the United States. Due to this fact, Bollywood has risen in it’s financial capacity.

Bollywood Vs Hollywood – Stars

Both Bollywood and Hollywood promote their stars to worldwide audience.

To be continued…