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It has come to our attention that a very large percentage of our members are not able to easily access the posting guidelines. We have decided to have a permanent sticky post that contains the information about Posting Guideline .

This post only includes a summary of Posting rules. There are other rules not included in the post. You can find the complete set of Rules in Sidebar.

Please do not post following topics

Following topics will be removed by Mod Team

  1. Political and Religion based topics. Read more in detail here

  2. Self Promotional topics – This includes personal Blogs, websites , Youtube videos and news portals links

  3. Low quality posts and Memes

  4. Topics with only Title and no text description

  5. Topics not related to theme of this Sub

Check for Repost before posting

Please check the Sub before sharing any Trailer, Song or News. We are an active Sub, so things are posted here soon after it gets released . All Reposts would be removed, even if the news or item is from a different source.

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