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I bought a cpo 2018 mazda3 touring hatch on Friday. I love the car and also love that I no longer drive a shitty ass 2013 focus. I feel like I got a fair deal and overall had a great experience at the dealership, minus this next part.

Android auto wasn’t listed on the website as being on the car. During the test drive, I asked the salesman if it was on the car. He told me yes- that there were two USB ports up front (which there are), and the top one was a charging port, and the bottom was for android auto. I said ok, and moved on.

The next morning I decide to try out android auto, which is something I really wanted in a “new” car. Surprise, it doesn’t have it. Per the service department, it’s not a free upgrade on my 2018 because of the manufacture date. The dealership and salesman are aware that this is an issue and are to call me tomorrow. They needed to talk to someone who wasn’t available yesterday, when I discovered the issue and called.

I know some of the blame here is mine because I certainly could have double checked, but really, the salesman shouldn’t have told me that something I wanted was on the car when it wasn’t. I’m sure it wasn’t intentional, but still.

Any chance they will install it for me, or should I expect to be out of luck here?