8 Best Punjabi Movies Download Sites (2019)

Punjabi is undoubtedly one of the most popular languages in the world, and their movies are gradually growing since they are being featured in most Hindi films. Just like Indian has Bollywood, Pakistan also has Pollywood. But the “latter” can’t really compete with the initial when it comes to quality visual effects in action scenes. However, for innovative and hilarious​ punches, I’d give the credit to Punjabi movies.

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That aside, you do be really glad to hear that Punjabi movies are quite interesting. They mainly focus on Comedy and Family drama with predictable endings which mainly takes place in an abandoned building or closed factory where all the casts will engage in comic fight. While some may think that Punjabi movies are senseless and repetitious, I strongly think otherwise since they are​ very educative. Now if you’re looking for the best Punjabi movies download sites where you can watch Punjabi movies online for free, then we have compiled a good list below.

1. PunjabiMovies

The nomenclature itself says it all, and if you’re new to Punjabi cinema, then you’d need to “patronise” Punjabimovies more often. Obviously, Punjabimovies is a platform that allows users to watch Punjabi movies online. The site also offers some Hindi dubbed movies in different genres, but we aren’t going to talk much about that section. Starting from Punjabimovies homepage, you’d get to see recently released Punjabi movies and they’re available to be streamed in HD quality. Selecting a video will take you to a page where you’ll need to click either on player 1 to 4, and the selected movie will start playing. Moreover, the site also allows you to download your choosen Punjabi movie for viewing whilst on leisure period.

Visit PunjabiMovies.

2. Filmyhit

If you are seriously looking for a Punjabi movies download sites, then you should probably halt for a moment and consider checking out filmyhit. It is a popular but illegal website that solely allows users to download “the oldest and latest” Punjabi movies for free, and this comes in handy if you really want to manage your internet data. Filmyhit user interface is pretty straightforward, simply select a movie, hit the “sample or download PC HD” option and on the next page, you’ll be presented with alternative links to choose from. At initial stage, filmyhit bombarded me with lots of ads, every single click I made on the site pops up a new window and it was really annoying. So we’d suggest you make use of a reliable antivirus software before accessing the site.

Visit Filmyhit.

3. WatchOnlineMovies

The name itself sounds weird, but that is Pakistan for you. Watch online movies is personally, one of a kind and all in one. It is a website ‘specifically’ created to bring the latest releases of South Asian movies and they’re all free to stream. Aside from offering a ton of contents, one thing that allures me to the platform is the fact that it doesn’t ask for registrations. Streaming Punjabi movies on the site is as easy as clicking the video play icon, and you can even download them for offline viewing. Carefull though, as the moment you hit the embedded video play button, a new window will open automatically trying to sell you to some get rich quick scheme. So ensure to close it immediately. They are pop-up ads, meant for revenue since the site is offering useful contents for free.

Visit WatchOnlineMovies.

4. YouTube

While DailyMotion is being acclaimed as the poor man’s YouTube, it still doesn’t in anyway “come close” to the biggest video streaming giant on the internet. Compared to its competitors, YouTube doesn’t pick nor allow seedy contents, but yet still comes out first, and sees over 40 million visitors per day. With over 300 hours of videos uploaded to the platform every minute, you’d agree with me that it hosts a slew of contents. Yes I know, YouTube is mostly used for vlogs and to watch music videos, but it does bring a colossal amount of full-length Punjabi movies that can be streamed for free in high quality. All you’d need to do is to search the name of the movie you want to watch or find the channels offering the said films, and you’d be good to go.

Visit YouTube.

5. Einthusan

Einthusan typically “pride” itself as the leading South Asian streaming content provider, and once you visit the site for the first time, you do concur with them. Apparently, einthusan features a ton of full-length films in on-demand superior HD, and you’d be happy to hear that their collections includes Punjabi movies too. The site itself is neatly designed and brings a simple user interface, and directly from the homepage you’d get to choose either to watch Chinese, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil or Punjabi movies. Of course, einthusan library of over 4000 legal contents are available to be streamed for free, and you can opt-in to become a paid subscriber in other to get rid of the site’s commercials.

Visit Einthusan.

6. Dabang

If we had skipped this site, then this lists wouldn’t be complete. Dabang may not be that popular, but it’s one of the best movie streaming site that offers “awesome” user experience. Seriously, I really do not know how they came about it, but one thing you should really know is that dabang is a no-nonsense and pop-up free platform where you can comfortably watch your favourite Punjabi movies online. Bringing a very nice and attractive user interface, dabang has its videos sorted alphabetically by genre, language and more. Select a film you’d like to watch and the next page will present you with an embedded video player. Dabang offers rapid streaming and you can watch a ton of Punjabi movies within the site in HD quality.

Visit Dabang.

Paid Sites to Watch Punjabi Movies Online

The above websites offers quite an extremely large number of Punjabi movies, and they are all available for free streaming and some gives you the option to download them for offline viewing. There only downsides is that they aren’t purely legal and brings quite a few pop-ups. So if you’re looking to stay legal, then below are the best paid sites to watch Punjabi movies online.

7. YuppFlix​

YuppFlix just like Netflix, is basically a movie subscription website that allows users to watch over 5,000 movies from different genres such as drama, action, romance, comedy, classics, thriller and devotional. The site itself was introduced by YuppTV, and it has since expanded its reach and contents by offering a slew of Punjabi movies in HD quality. One thing that makes YuppFlix unique is its support for subtitles, and it brings 2 subscription methods aimed at old and new members. For existing users, the sum of 3.99 USD is required every month, and for new users, 6.99 USD payment is expected to be made each month.

Visit YuppFlix.

8. Eros Now

If you’re familiar with Eros International, then chances are, you’ve heard or probably come across its cutting edge digital over-the-top (OTT) South Asian entertainment platform – Eros Now. It’s basically a subscription based movie streaming website that allows users to watch and download Bollywood and Punjabi movies. The site offers a slew of contents, and it’s premium subscription costs on $7.99 per month. Of course, there is a basic account that comes after your 14 days free trial has ended, and with it, you’d be able to watch a selection of movies and TV shows with an unlimited access to its music collection. Features like English and Arabic subtitles as well as download option and access to complete catalog of movies and TV shows in HD quality is only available for premium members.

Visit Eros Now.

Wrapping Up

So that’s it I guess. There are obviously a huge number of websites on the internet that claims to be the best Punjabi movies download sites, and some offers to allow users watch Punjabi movies online, but don’t be deceived, most of these sites may work, but the amount of pop-ups ads they promote can damage your device if care isn’t taken. We researched throughly and uprooted the bad sites, so the ones we listed above are thoroughly clean and fast.